Trigger Happy

fangleman2Tonight at midnight, I will pull the trigger on this cycle, and it could not come a moment sooner.  The girls are working overtime in the factory and they are making this fact known with every step, every turn, every sit.  I had forgotten the discomfort of IVF stimming.

But, I am grateful to feel every pang, every move that requires a sharp intake of breath because it means that the system still works and we are still on the train.  And, I’m not thinking about retrieval yet, which means I’m not even going to begin to contemplate whether we’ll have embryos to transfer.  We’ll get there soon, but not right now so I’m not going to worry my mildly attractive head over it. 

Instead, I’m going to don my favorite lounging comfy pants with an oh-so comfortable elastic waist, sit gingerly on the couch and snuggle with Mr. X to watch some tellie.  Good times.

image: fangleman

17 thoughts on “Trigger Happy

  1. You know, I’m singing/chanting various variations on trigger, but it’s really really hard to convey them in text without looking like a complete loonie.

    I’m glad things are moving along well, and that you’re taking this one step at a time. I think that’s the sanest approach; the what if’s will kill ya.

    Envisioning lovely mature follicles raring to go in 36 hours…

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