Grace in Small Things 1/25/2011

Sooooo tired, but in the I had a full day kind of way.

  1. Rex was home with me today as he was a sick kiddo.  Took him to the doctor’s office and saw a new (to us) pediatrician who diagnosed him with the trifecta of RSV, double ear infection and wheezing. Despite all of this, my little guy gave me smiles and giggles.  All I wanted to do today was take care of him and make him feel better.  I finally felt like I was his mom and that my job was to make whatever was causing him pain or discomfort to go away.  The day just flew – he went with me on errands and we had some great play time.  I got to see him pull up on his stroller and start to push it and heard him say “Go, go, go, go.”  This was such a huge success for me and I am so proud!
  2. I have hit 100 subscribers on Google Reader!! Whoever you are, thanks for signing up!
  3. Lots of wonderful comments on Facebook sending good virtual hugs and kisses to Rex to get better.
  4. Rex actually was content to just sit in my lap in the waiting room at the doctor’s office while watching people and the train that goes around on a track up in the ceiling.  I loved snuggling with him.
  5. Very excited about the book I picked up at the library today.  I feel like I’ve been in such a book rut. Hopefully this one will live up to the hype.

Onwards and upwards, always.

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