The Wheels on the Bus

We have a saying at work describing those who are sacrificed to the greater good when they are relatively blameless: they get thrown under the bus. It’s not unique to the office, I saw it used on Project Runway a few weeks ago.  But, I think it is particularly appropriate for the situation involving Sarah Palin’s daughter who at 17 – and over the course of a few short months – got knocked up and engaged to her baby-daddy.

image: DCvision2006

I can’t help but wonder if her mother hadn’t been the Governor of Alaska and the Republican VP pick, would Bristol have gotten married in addition to keeping the baby? I can’t say what went on there, although I bet that was a pretty darn intense family meeting when that bomb dropped.  But, is she being pushed to marry this guy because it looks good to the conservative voters that her mom was brought in to appeal to? Would they throw this girl under the bus of her mother’s ambitions? 

Only the Palins know the answer. But, if this isn’t a shotgun wedding, I don’t know what is and I can’t help but feel a wee bit of sympathy for Bristol – 17 with a child and a husband who is probably a child.  Ouch.   I was married at 27 – ten years older than Bristol – without being knocked up and it was still a huge deal to me. 

As for the rumors that her mom is for abstinence-only education, I believe that parents should be in charge of sex education for their children, not schools and if they want to advocate abstinence-only, that’s their choice. But, I think the fact that the VP nominee’s 17-year-old, unwed (as the papers have been saying) daughter is knocked up on her proverbial abstinence watch does not bode well for the statistical efficacy of such education. 

I have a terrible feeling that this is a train wreck in progress.  It just can’t end well.

8 thoughts on “The Wheels on the Bus

  1. i feel like i can’t take my eyes away!

    what gets me is that 17 year olds are getting pregnant everywhere, and here we are trying everything in our power to get knocked up and we can’t!

    i just wish that canadian politics were as interesting as yours!

  2. Not so much a “shotgun” wedding as an “assault rifle” wedding. Apparently, Palin’s quite fond of them (assault rifles, I mean. I assume nobody likes a teenage wedding except in songs).

  3. My husbands response to the news: so much for the Republican “family values” platform.

    I’ve been watching out the corners of my eyes, so haven’t seen anything on the baby daddy. Is he under or over 17? Because over 17 = statutory rape where I’m from.

    Damn fertile 17 year olds…

  4. I wrote about this same topic last night. I agree that it’s a shame that she’s pregnant, but to me it’s a tragedy that she’s getting married because of it.

  5. The whole thing is just insane to me – Palins as a VP candidate and a 17 year old getting PG and forced into marriage because of it. It’s sad and frightening at the same time!

  6. To think that 2 weeks ago, she was dealing with this in relative obscurity, now she’s in the headlines. I can’t help but feel sorry (and yes, scared for her). Pregnant at 17. Wow.

  7. All I’ve been able to think this whole time: “Dang, I am so jealous of how fertile that family is.” Also, of how cavalier Mom Palin was able to be about her 5th pregnancy, hopping on the plane while in labor without a care. If I EVER manage to hang on to a pregnancy, I think I’ll be on bedrest for like 10 years.

    Also now when I hear of any teen pregnancy, my other thought is: “Wow! Can I adopt her and her baby — and get a 2 for 1?”

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