A Letter, An Update and An Award

A Letter

I have resisted the temptation to blog about Oc.to-Mom.  What could I say that others have not already? Why glorify and give her even more of the attention that she so desperately craves?  Because I really have something to say. And it is best put in a letter.

Dear Lady of the High Order Multiples:

Normally, I would congratulate you on the overwhelming success of your IVF.  I mean, most of us just want one, but to get 8 in one shot! You have instant teams for just about any contact sport.  And, the taxpayers of the great state of California should be really thrilled that they are now the proud supporters of your 14 children.  But, for me, I just have one thought:

You are not helping.

You are not helping those of us who are going through IVF right now.  You are not helping those of us who are using it because we don’t have any children, let alone six. 

You are like the guy who tried to blow up his shoes over the Atlantic and now we all have to take off our shoes every freaking time we want to get on an airplane.  You are like the guy who put his hand underneath the lawn mower, got it chopped off and sued so that now we all have to read the stupid sign that says, don’t stick your hand under the lawn mower.  Because you just had to have all six embryos put back when you already had six children who you could not support, and because you just had to have all eight babies, never mind at what risk to them, we are all going to be under that much more scrutiny.  We are going to be given the looks, asked the questions, implied that there is no right to experience pregnancy and child birth and you know what? there are thousands of children looking for homes, so why don’t you just adopt?

You are not helping the rest of us who are still struggling to even start a family.

I hope in my heart of hearts that you can make this work.  I hope that those babies are not at a deficit for your overwhelming desire to have as many children as possible.  I hope that you haven’t totally screwed it up for the rest of us.


Mrs. X

An Update

In a little less than an hour, I will have my third date of the weekend with the Follistim Pen.  Can I tell you how much I am loving the pen? Holy moly. It makes the Menopur mixing of my past seem so… 90s.  Dial and jab! What an amazing little invention.  And, I was not able to win over Nurse Chipper to let me do them in my upper thigh rather than my stomach, but it turned out that this was not a problem. I haven’t had any problems with the Follistim injections in the tummy region, so it must have been the Lupron.

I’m already beginning to feel that familiar twinge. Down there.  You know, the one where the girls start perking up and creaking awake after their Lupron-induced hibernation.  Good times.

An Award

To end on a high note, Loribeth at The Road Less Travelled has bestowed an award upon moi:


The Honest Scrap Award, given to blogs in the opinion of the giver are brilliant in content and design.  Thanks, Loribeth! Your check  is in the mail.  As with these things, there are rules. 

 1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.

3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

I’m going to do this in reverse order.  Here are the 10 things:

  1. I have a ginormous headache right now and it is not being helped by Mr. X playing that infernal game with the sound on high!
  2. I hate bananas. Always have. My parents tried feeding them to me and I just spit them out.
  3. I hate liquer in desserts.
  4. Wow. Two hates in a row. Um, I love taking pictures.
  5. I took a three hour nap on Saturday and still slept for 12 hours Saturday night.
  6. I’m thinking about wearing my awesome orange dress tomorrow.
  7. I’m procrastinating because next I have to iron.
  8. This headache is really awful.
  9. I think I will mention to Mr. X that maybe getting headphones would be a good idea. For him.
  10. I’m addicted to Chapstick.

Unfortunately, the rest of the list is going to have to wait since I have to take some Tylenol and go iron. In that order. I live for pleasure.

13 thoughts on “A Letter, An Update and An Award

  1. You forgot the lady with the coffee lawsuit that resulted in the “your coffee is HOT” warnings all over the cup.

    I had to give the “adoption isn’t really that easy” discussion last night. Le Sigh

    Isn’t the Follistim Pen just delightful? Love it!

  2. I must say–the fact you own an orange dress and are thrilled to wear it makes me think even more highly of you, Mrs. X.

    The Pen rocks!

    Uh, hope the Tylenol and ironing made up for the blasted game…

  3. Yes, on the letter to crazy OctoMom. I love the analogy of the shoe bomber. It is so true that there’s always one spoiled apple that ruins the bunch.

    Looking forward to all the great updates this cycle!

  4. advil works like a charm for my beastly headaches. tylenol doesn’t do anything for me!

    awesome letter to the octomom. honestly, what is up with her???? just trying to have ONE is driving me nuts, does she have to hog ALL the babies???

  5. I cannot even get into my feelings on OctoMom. It’s just entirely too complicated, but I do agree with you in her giving IVF moms a bad name. Grrrr.

    And I too hate bananas. Love banana bread. Cannot swallow anything else banana flavored. Gag.

  6. Very well said, my dear, very well said!

    I started with follistim from the beginning, so, that’s what I knew. It wasn’t until my 7th injectables cycle that I used menopur and I remember thinking, WTH is this, now I’m a freakin’ chemist?!

  7. Your letter is awesome! This lady has brought up so many icky feelings for me—mostly along the “messing it up for the rest of us” line. Also have this gross situation at at work where this gal (who knows I went through IVF to get pregnant) now always says “make sure there aren’t an extra 6 or 7 in there!” when I go for a doctor appointment. And she thinks this is really, really, really funny…

    Enjoy your Follistim pen! That thing rocks. I also really appreciated the slick little carrying case.

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  9. Well said, Mrs. X (re: the octuplet mother). You summed up my feelings (and those of many others, I’m sure) in a nutshell.

    Waiting breathlessly for my cheque. ; ) Enjoy your pen, & may it write you a happy ending!

  10. Love the letter! Well said. AND for the pen, I took puregon in pend and just loved it (ye know as much as anyone loves jabbing their selves!). Don’t worry the octo-mom did not take all the babies from Baby universe… there are some left.

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