WWYD: What Would YOU Do?

I swear I find conundrums even when I’m not looking for them.  Here’s my latest and greatest.

I recently gave blood – as in donated it to the blood bank, not gave up numerous vials so that it can be tested for any number of tests with exotic abbreviations.  I used to be a pretty regular blood donor when I was in college and even after college, but the last time I donated, I got really, really woozy and so I didn’t want to donate unless someone was available to drive me.  The problem was, it just wasn’t cool to say to your friend, “hey would you drive me to the donation place, wait for an hour so I can give blood and then drive me home?”  Then, once I had found my driver, Mr. X, there were so many things to do and see so giving blood just wasn’t that … exciting.  By the time 2006 rolled around, we were thick in the wicket of IF treatment and I was giving plenty of blood as a result of that (plus there were all of the drugs, etc).  The last thing I wanted to do was give even more blood.

So, now in 2008, we are now old, boring married people, I have a designated driver and I am not pregnant, haven’t been pregnant in the last six weeks and I’m not in treatment.  I decided it was time to once again become a donor of blood. And, the donation itself was pretty anti-climactic, although I think the phlebotomist was a relative of Vampira. I still have a bruise over a week later. 

Here’s where the conundrum comes in: the donor ‘gifts’.  One was a really nice totebag, perfect for carrying the groceries to avoid those icky plastic bags. 

The other one?

A gift certificate to a SportsClips whose tag line is “Guys Win”.  And, in case there was any confusion about whether or not a lady could get a hair cut there, here is a quote from their website:

At Sport Clips, we’ve created the perfect place for a guy to get great service and a great haircut. Our mission is to create a championship haircut experience for men and boys in an exciting sports themed environment. Stop in today for the ultimate just-for-guys haircut experience!

Not only does this sound as enticing as having nails driven into my skull, I am not a guy.  I can’t use the darn thing and while I am fortunate to have  Mr. X in my life and I can give it to him, what about those ladies who don’t?  Why give a gift that only half the population can use?  

Do I complain to the blood bank about this obviously gender-specific gift since I’m sure that there are quite a few ladies who donate blood, too, or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill and I should just take my tote bag, clutch it to my obviously female bosom and continue on my merry way?

What would YOU do, dear reader?

image: tellumo

13 thoughts on “WWYD: What Would YOU Do?

  1. I’m sorry, I’m still reeling from the notion that men need their own segregated hair salon, to preserve their macho street cred via “sports” themed haircuts.

    Yet they can’t have kid and bump-free waiting rooms at doc offices?

  2. You are reading way too much into their marketing material. If you can live without extensive styling, women can certainly get their hair cut at Sport Clips. They market to men, sure, so they don’t have any styling tools and brushes for long hair, but if you have a shorter hair style you should be happy. I know, because I get my hair cut at Sport Clips ever since my favorite stylist moved and went to work for them. Besides, even if women couldn’t go there, so what? It’s not as if there aren’t numerous businesses that a guy “couldn’t really use” and that give out coupons all the time.

  3. Me? I wouldn’t say anything. If it were me and I had that gift certificate I would put it on the board at work or something. The last time I gave blood (April) I got a sticker and a cookie and they sent me on my merry way.

  4. Wow. You get gift certificates? We get a cup of tea and a biscuit and a nurse so unbelievably sulky and rude the lights dim every time she goes within fifteen feet of them.

    I’d just hand the certificate to Mr X, happy in the knowledge that men might need hair-cut bribery to donate, but women clearly don’t. And feel vaguely superior.

  5. I would return the gift certificate and let them know that as a woman you couldn’t use it, but perhaps some other person, a man, could make good use of it and perhaps they could come up with another option that all of the ir donor population could enjoy. It’s most likely something that was given to them and they use it cause it’s free.

  6. i’m sure the blood band was just giving away what ever someone else gave them for free. But it is odd that it was so gender specific.
    I’ve never given blood. I should. we all should. come to think of it, i don’t even know what my blood type is!!!!!! I better find that out.

  7. I’d mention it. Not in any Big Deal sort of way. But it seems odd, and they do want to avoid offending people.

    Good for you for giving blood, by the way. I’m bad about stuff like that.

  8. Oy, yeah, I never give blood…I give up so much for this infertility stuff that the thought of giving one more ounce…well, it just ain’t gonna happen! But good for you for being strong enough to do that!

    Hmmm….sports clips….I bet they were donated so complaining to the blood bank won’t really do any good, it’s not their fault who donates stuff. The real issue is Sports Clips. This is the year 2008, how can a business blatantly make their business for just one gender??!! I would write a letter to the ‘higher-ups’ of Sports Clips stating your disgust and recommending that they re-do their advertising line to include both genders.

  9. Honestly, I’d probably take the gift, go home and grouse about it on my blog, then forget the issue.

    What amuses me most about Sport Clips is how very stereotypical it is. Not only are men waaaay to delicate to share their haircutting experience with women, but they also need sports to numb them and make the process easier! My poor, non-sports-loving boy. He;ll just have to keep going to Fantastic Sam’s, where he may risk running into someone with a vagina.

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